HstWB Installer
for Classic Amiga

Automated installation of Amiga OS 3.9, 3.2, 3.1.4, 3.1, Kickstart roms and packages for Classic Amiga

What is HstWB Installer

HstWB Installer is an application, which can automate installation of Amiga OS, Kickstart roms and packages with additional content.

Creating new harddrive images for Classic Amiga and installing Amiga OS, Kickstart roms, ClassicWB, WHDLoad games and demos properly can be a cumbersome task unless you spend a lot of time figuring out how this is done step by step.

This is where HstWB Installer comes to aid and can help simplifying installations and make it possible for almost anyone to do with very little knowledge about Amiga.

To simplify installation HstWB Installer presents options to choose which Amiga OS, Kickstart roms and packages to install. Installation process can be run on a real Amiga by writing harddrive image to CF/SD-card or harddisk or using an emulator.

Running HstWB Installer requires Amiga OS iso, adf files or floppy disks and optionally Kickstart roms, if harddrive images will be used for running WHDLoad demos and games.

It's recommended to use prebuild self install images and run the installation process on a PC or Mac using an emulator first as it's faster than real Amiga. Afterwards the harddrive image can be written to CF/SD-card or harddisk for use in a real Amiga.

For more advanced installation, HstWB Installer can be run to build own customized images or self install images. HstWB Installer uses either WinUAE or FS-UAE emulator to build images

HstWB Installer SetupHstWB Installer Self Install


HstWB Installer

Main application written in Powershell for Windows platform.

Install or build self install images from image templates.

Build package and user package installation.

AmigaDOS scripts used for installation process.

Developed for 68000 CPU to support all Amigas.

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Image templates

RDB HDF images for real Amigas and emulators.

Partitioned and formatted ready to use.

Created with Amiga OS 3.9 HDToolbox and has MaxTransfer set to 0x1fe00.

Most use PFS3AIO v3.1 for improved speed, stability and support large harddrives above 4GB.

Few use FastFileSystem for compatibility and unexpanded Amigas with only chip memory.

Supports real Amigas and emulators like WinUAE, FS-UAE, Amiberry and UAE4ARM.

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HstWB self install images

Prebuild self install images ready for installation.

Based on image templates.

Runs on real Amiga or in an emulator.

Can be used without HstWB Installer.

Comes with cross platform install scripts supporting Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Simplified installation

Automated Amiga OS 3.9 installation from cd-rom or iso file.

Automated Amiga OS 3.2, 3.1.4 and 3.1 installation from adf files or floppies.

Automated Kickstarts roms installation for WHDLoad.

Supports Cloanto Amiga Forever 2016, 7 and 8 Amiga OS 3.1 adf and Kickstart rom files.

Supports Hyperion Entertainment Amiga OS 3.2, 3.1.4 adf and Kickstart rom files.

Original dumps of own Amiga OS 3.1 floppies and Kickstart roms can also be used.

Simplified installation


Prepared packages with enhancements and additional content ready for use.

Workbench enhancements packages BestWB, BetterWB, ClassicWB and HstWB.

Demos and games menus packages for EAB WHDLoad Packs.

Picasso96 package for high resolution RTG screenmodes.

User packages for simple installation of additional files.

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16st January 2022

HstWB Installer v1.6.3 has been released and comes with following updates and fixes:

4st January 2022

HstWB Installer v1.6.2 has been released and comes with following updates and fixes:

1st January 2022

HstWB Installer v1.6.1 has been released and comes with following updates and fixes:

23th December 2021

HstWB Installer v1.6.0 has been released and comes with a lot of updates and fixes:

Next release will focus on Amiga OS 3.2.1 support, Raspberry Pi support and maybe more user packages by request.

Amiga OS 3.2 installations can be updated to 3.2.1 by installing Update3.2.1.adf included in Update3.2.1.lha from Hyperion Entertainment.

16th August 2021

HstWB Installer v1.5.1 has been released with fixed for KCON software failure and unknown command execute error when running HstWB Installer and self install images with Kickstart rom 3.2 and 3.1.4. All Classic packages updated and patched to work with Amiga OS 3.2. EAB WHDLoad Demos and Games packages are still scheduled to be updated in next release to have screenshots for latest WHDLoads.

12th August 2021

HstWB Installer v1.5.0 has been released with support for Amiga OS 3.2. BestWB has been updated to v1.3 and patched to work with Amiga OS 3.2. EAB WHDLoad Demos and Games packages will be updated in next release to have screenshots for latest WHDLoads. ClassicWB packages will also be examined and patched work with Amiga OS 3.2 later and might be part of next release.

21th October 2019

HstWB Installer v1.4.2 has been released with fixes for ClassicWB packages. Installing ClassicWB FULL, ADV, ADVSP or P96 with Amiga OS 3.1.4 or causes NewIcons to be shown distorted or garbled. This occurs when Scalos is used, so for these ClassicWB packages Scalos is disabled when installed with Amiga OS 3.1.4 or To get some of the functionality Scalos offers, Magic Menu and Tools Daemon have been added for right menus together with Full Palette for more icon colors. ClassicWB OS39 package has also been updated with patches for Amiga OS 3.1.4 and to fix icons using VNC by replacing them with CON.

26th August 2019

HstWB Installer v1.4.1 has been released with a lot of fixes. Kickstart rom 3.1.4 can now only be used to install Amiga OS 3.1.4 and Kickstart rom 3.1 can be used to install Amiga OS 3.9, 3.1.4 and 3.1. This is done for both install mode and self install images, which will indicate if detected Kickstart rom can't be used to install selected Amiga OS. HstWB Image Setup scripts have been updated with better patch only mode and it's output has also been reduced. Package installation has been fixed with better detection of Amiga OS version.

13th August 2019

HstWB Installer v1.4.0 has been released with full support for ClassicWB packages together with Amiga OS 3.1.4. Support for Amiga OS Update has also been added together with the newly released FS-UAE v3.0.0 for HstWB Installer running install mode. A lot of small fixes has been added to HstWB Installer, HstWB Mini, EAB WHDLoad Demos and Games packages.

27th June 2019

HstWB Installer v1.3.0 has been released and together with full support for Amiga OS 3.1.4, it comes with a new functionality to prevent packages with same content from being installed as they will overwrite each other and might result in an unstable installation. Eg. if BetterWB package is set to install, clicking on ClassicWB package will skip BetterWB package.

Free space checks has been added to build install entries allowing users to select next install directory, when there's not enough free space left on install directory during installation of WHDLoad demos and games. This is primarily for images with <2GB partitions where WHDLoad demos and games needs to be installed over multiple partitions.

128GB and UAE4ALL images has been added.

4th April 2019

HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 has been released with full support for Amiga OS 3.1.4. BestWB package has been updated to include BestWB v1.1 update. EAB WHDLoad Menu packages has been updated with screenshots and details to support Retroplay's WHDLoad packs downloaded 26th February 2019.

19th January 2019

HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA1 has been released with partial support for Amiga OS 3.1.4. Self install images can detect and install Amiga OS 3.1.4, but HstWB Installer setup, run and install mode doesn't currently support Amiga OS 3.1.4. New BestWB package is included for Amiga OS 3.1.4. Most of Amiga OS installation has been rewritten. Amiga OS and Kickstart installation menus has been added to self install for better control of installation process.

6th November 2018

HstWB Installer v1.2.0 has been released with full support for Amiga OS 3.9.