HstWB Installer
for Classic Amiga

Installation of Workbench 3.1, Amiga OS 3.9, Kickstarts roms and packages for Classic Amiga.

HstWB Installer

Written in Powershell for Windows platform.

Developed for 68000 CPU to support all Amigas.

Install or build self install images from image templates.

Build package and user package installation.

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Image templates

RDB HDF images for real Amigas and directory harddrive images for emulators.

Partitioned and formatted ready to use.

Created with Amiga OS 3.9 HDToolbox and has MaxTransfer set to 0x1fe00.

Most use PFS3AIO for improved speed and support large harddrives above 4GB.

Few use FastFileSystem for compatibility and unexpanded Amigas with only chip memory.

Supports real Amigas and emulators like WinUAE, FS-UAE, Amiberry and UAE4ARM.

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HstWB self install images

Prebuild self install images ready for installation.

Based on image templates.

Runs on real Amiga or in an emulator.

Can be used without HstWB Installer.

Comes with cross platform install scripts supporting Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Simplified installation

Automated Workbench 3.1 installation from adf files or floppies.

Automated Amiga OS 3.9 installation from cd-rom or iso file.

Automated Kickstarts roms installation for WHDLoad.

Supports Cloanto Amiga Forever 2016 and 7 Workbench 3.1 adf and Kickstart rom files.

Original dumps of own Workbench 3.1 floppies and Kickstart roms can also be used.

Simplified installation


Prepared packages with enhancements and additional content ready for use.

Workbench enhancements packages BetterWB, HstWB and ClassicWB.

Demos and games menus packages for EAB WHDLoad Packs.

Picasso96 package for high resolution RTG screenmodes.

User packages for simple installation of additional files.

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